The Essential Book: Single Book

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The Essential Book is very much, as the title suggests, a book that is essential when you are entering (or are already deep in) the world of essential oils. This absolutely gorgeous, content-rich book is perfect for essential oil newbies and advanced oilers alike.

The Essential Book is the ultimate education tool for business builders to share with their current and potential members. There is no better welcome gift for your new members than this 220-page user guide that’s packed cover to cover with info that will make the world of essential oils feel simple and applicable to everyone. It’s also the perfect companion for teaching your next class, or for training your new biz member. This book is soon to be your NBF!

Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

➜ Beautiful pictures that invite you in and speak the thousand words they should.

➜ Details on how to use essential oils, plus over 100 different oil-infused products – all written and explained in a super fun and easy to understand manner.

➜ An in-depth look at Seed to Seal, and specifically what goes into producing a bottle of Young Living oil. If you’re not already sold on Young Living, this will seal the deal!

➜ All about the Young Living Foundation and how they pour their heart out to under-served communities worldwide.

➜ Dozens of facts and statistics to get your inner nerd jumping with joy and adjusting your specs.

➜ A beginner’s guide covering the 3 methods of use, oil safety, dilution ratios, terminology, recipes, recipes, and did we say recipes?

➜ Ideas, tips, and hacks to help inspire, motivate, and integrate oils into your daily wellness routine.

➜ Details on all supplies and resources you need to start using oils successfully.

➜ A tour through each and every room of your home, highlighting how and why to ditch & switch to Young Living products.

➜ Info on Loyalty Rewards and why it just makes sense, unless you don’t like free stuff!

➜ An introduction to the business opportunity, written in a fun and non-salesy way that you’ll be excited to share with everyone.

The Essential Book is unbranded throughout, so for those of you with team names/brands other than “Hello Essentials,” your members will love these too. 

** NOTE: While these books DO have all of the new YL verbiage (Brand Partner, Loyalty Rewards, etc), these were published before the month one Fast Start changed from 25% to 50%, this is mentioned once in the book. You are welcome to download the new page and print it to insert into your current book :)